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CL2005 TEXT & GRAPHIC MESSAGE CONTROL PANEL is developed in 2005 .It is not only easy to use but also able to show the full functions for LED Displays.To run the software,Windows XP and Microsoft Office are Required .

CL2005 Control
No Gray
Ⅰ (1): No gray, monochrome 1 024 128 rows, 64 rows color 1024
Ⅱ (2): No gray, monochrome 1 024 256 lines, 128 lines color 1024
Type Ⅳ (4): No gray, monochrome 2048 128 rows 64 rows color 2048

Type Ⅰ support 1 / 16 sweep indoor display, Ⅱ type, Ⅳ support static, 1 / 2, 1 / 4, 1 / 8, 1 / 16 and other drive mode

Communication mode
RS232/422/485, extended support for GPRS, CDMA, MODEM, Ethernet, etc.

Storage space
4Mb or 8Mb

RS232/422/485 compatible serial communication port, light / humidity acquisition mouth, mouth temperature acquisition, Screen power control

Can handle BMP, JPG picture files, Word documents, Excel tables, 5 times the brightness adjustment, remote power control matrix screen, features can be configured to automatically adjust brightness, temperature, humidity automatically display, 10 plus or minus the number of days, each program can be set week period will be playing in support of GPRS, CDMA wireless communications, stable simple
Special edition: infrared remote control screen Anycast

CL2005V3 Engineer Manual Download
CL2005 User Manual Download
CL2005 Driver Download

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