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Perfecto offers a complete package of services and products featuring LED technology. This technology gives you the flexibility for exciting video, engaging advertising messages, and Digital Signs. Perfecto provides solutions that maximize the value of your investment.

We Supply the products as below include Indoor LED Displays ,Outdoor LED Displays, LED Signs for indoor and Outdoor Use.

Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor LED Displays is using for Outdoor Advertising,TV ,Football ground,LED Billboards ,Stadium .

Indoor LED Display

Indoor LED Displays

Indoor LED Displays is using for Banking,Exchange stock,KTV bar,Conference Hall,Shops .

LED Signs

LED Signs

LED Signs & Electronic Signs is using for Tax Messages ,Shops,Ticket ,and Prices boards.

LED Mesh Display

LED Mesh Displays

Mainly used for indoor and outdoor concert background, building curtain wall, advertising screen, nightclubs, dance halls.

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