1.)Led Display Integrated Control System Diagram

Led Display Integrated Control System Diagram

Led Display Control System
Video PAL, Video NTSC;
Correction, color coordinate transformation;
Noise reduction;
Remote control to led dislay;
Able to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of color and video signal according to different requirements;
Display brightness adjustment based on the information from the brightness collector of RS422 Standard;
Remote control realized by providing the control information to power distributor of RS422 Standard.
Indication of power supply;
Self-protection and self-disposal;
Auto power On/Off of the led display;
Intelligent maintenance;
Auto-control to temperature and humidity.
The display being monitored simultaneously;
Error being figured out inmediately if there are some.
Video Sources
DVD, VCD, VCR, TV, camera with PAL/NTSC standard.
Video Input
DVDI 1.0, UC Video, Composite Video, VGA Overlay.
2.)Structure of wireless LED display system

Structure of wireless LED display system

This system is made of LED display with GSM DTU, data publising center(control and manage software+special sending DTU.

3.)Synchronous Control System

Synchronous Control System

V5-A02 system take the lead in applying high speed network technology-kilo mega Ethernet into the LED screen transmission field, can control 1024*768pixels by one CAT 5e LAN cable ,and the transmission.

Distance can reach 100meters without relay ;the V5-A02L system take the high speed network technology –optical fiber applied into the LED screen transmission field , can control 1024*768pixels by one optical fiber with two cores ,and multimode transmission distance is 500M ,single mode transmission distance is 15000M.
His system communicated with computer by RS232 agreement serial port , generally

supporting Windows system ,having setup system parameter function by LED management software ,and each parameter have protect-itself function when cut off power suddenly , and they will resume the previous state again if provided power again

V5-A02 (or V5-A02L )LED screen system consist of frame controller ,screen controller ,CAT 5e LAN cable ( or optical fiber )etc ,and the conversion between two systems is very flexible , only need to change the jumper on the frame controller and screen controller is ok .

4.)Full-color video LED screens control system

Full-color video LED screens control system

Video LED screen is in fact a large television set. Unlike TV, LED systems are made of separate LED modules into video screens of different sizes and shapes.

Information is relayed to LED modules by controllers which are connected to the controlling computer. A video processor in a PC receives video signals from different sources – standard TV signal, signal from the VCR, DVD-player, video camera, another computer and so on.

Video clips prepared in advance could be recorded on hard drive of the controlling computer and could be displayed according to a required schedule.

When sufficient number of video LED screens was installed, a new idea of connecting all of these LED screens into a network with the unified control center emerged. Separate standing LED screens are controlled by a central computer through any of the available channels – modem, radio modem, fiber-optics, etc.

5.)LED Display control by Internet.

LED Display control by Internet

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