Tricolor 1280 Synchronous Single-mode Optical Fiber Control System

May 6, 2010leonNews

Features and Funcitons:

No multi-media card needed, but directly connected to the DVI interface.

Single network cable transmission: one pair of network cable transmits 1600*512 (grey level 256*256), or 1280*512 ( grey level 1024*1024)

Supporting optical fiber transmission: multi-mode: 500m and single-mode: 10-20 kilometers.

Super loading capacity: one sending card is 1600*1024, and one receiving card is 1600*512.

One –for multiple function: One sending card can support mutiple receiving cards. (multipe display or segmented display)

Perfect picture quality: Any γand brightness regulation can be performed to the red and green colors separately.

Indoor and outdoor compatibility: a set of card can conduct1/16、1/8、1/4、1/2 and static scanning, only by turning on the “Toggle Switch”.

Remote control function: Large screen power supply can be switched on/off in a remote manner and the lightness of the display screen can be automatically regulated.

Super protective circuit: both the sending card and the receiving card adopt optoelectronic isolation so that they can withstand 8 kilovolts without damage. The power protective

circuit on these cards can be allowed to connect with 30V power supply without damage.

Distributing software free of charge: LED studio can be distributed free of charge.

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