Virtual Full color Control System of LED Screen

May 6, 2010leonNews

Virtual Full-color LED control System consists of single sending card and multiple receiving cards. The maximum pixel is 1280*1024.
The sending card includes grey level 16384 and grey level 4096 (adjustable). The receiving card has two models, namely 16k and 4k. The model of 16k is grey level 16384, mainly

agreeing with the single box of static scanning; also using for the screen of 1/2 and 1/4 scanning 4 rows /zone. The model of 4k is grey level 4096, mainly using for the indoor

screen of 1/8 scanning; also using for the screen of 1/16、1/4、1/2 or static scanning.

Main technology index 16K 4K
Single sending card 1280×1024 1280×1024
Single receiving card with maximum pixel real pixel: 96*64 virtual pixel:192*128 real pixel: 288*128 virtual pixel 576*256
Red, green, blue ( separated grey level) 16384 4096
Lightness effectiveness ratio Receiving card scanning frequency ≥93.40% ≥80.23%
Receiving card scanning frequency ≥300Hz ≥180Hz
Sending card connection frequency ≥60Hz ≥60Hz
Automatical lightness regulation 8 8
Contrast/lightness/color temperature (handoperation regulation, not effecting grey level) 256 256
Installation Smallness and convenient installation Smallness and convenient installation
Playing software LED studio LED studio
Supporting optical cable Multi-mode:500m single-mode : 10km Multi-mode:500m single-mode : 10km

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