Perfecto Service Mode:

①、Three items of service rules: close service, professional technology, fast response

②、Six items of service contents
2.1 Set up 24 hours hot line(consultation,, phone instructor)
2.2 Online service
2.3 Hardware problems maintenance
2.4 Free training for professional technology
2.5 Consumer return visit
2.6 Hardware update payable

③、 five- star service system
3.1 five-Star servers
3.2 five-star service missionary (engineers and technicians)
We divide the service technicians and service engineers into four grades according to their technic level and service quality, also train and assess them in a certain time each

3.3 five requirements for service working
Profession, flow, standardization, form, data;
3.4 five non- miss
Non-miss return visit each client
Non-miss record the feedback questions of each client
Non-miss settlement to the feedback questions of each client
Non-miss the settled results of each complicated question
Non-miss feedback each question and result to development and research department, production and sales department

T model service
①、T model service includes Longitudinal and Transverse services
1.1 T model service: to meet clients’ expectations and needs through Longitudinal and Transverse services. we provide long term multi and three-dimensional services with

humanities through full orientation services, so as to satisfy our customer, create a permanent and honest business relationship with the customers, make customers feel as a

real member of our enterprise.
1.2 Longitudinal services: It’s a service going through enquiry before sales, guiding our customer, maintenance, repairing, update after sales.
1.3 Transverse services: it’s a service to research customer’s requirements, provide the customer with purchasing convenience. It’s a service with the purpose of develop new


② The content of the T service:
2.1 Transverse services consultation:
Target customer consultation: investigate and consult the demands of the target customer.
Good sales promotion network: show respect to the customer, provide passional and circumspect services, supply with a better purchasing convenience.
Various favourable services: timely maintenance, extending warranty, indoor repairing services, update in time, strict quality control system.
Advertising and propagandize: take action to advertise for our product and services, but not allowed to exaggerating.
Sales promotion: exhibition, booking conferences, estimation meeting.
2.2 Longitudinal services including:
Before sales service: introduce the functions of the products and analyze the advantage of the product compared with the similar product to the customer.
Selling services: guiding the customer to purchase the most fit products.

After-sales service
1. products installation height
2. products periodical maintenance
3. products conk out examination and repair
4. technique consultation or training
5. client’s difficulty reply (hot line or online service)
6. Products update service
Client training

Perfecto provides free training of LED system operation and maintenance. Our purpose is to make clients be able to operate LED system and find solutions to some simple technical

problems. We can train 2-3 people for our clients.

Basic Training
Three days’ workshop training of some basic skills of LED Screen System
※  PC Basic Knowledge
※  Windows Operation System
※  LED Screen Working Principle
※  General System Problems
※  System Daily Maintenance & Safety.

Site Training
Three days’ onsite training on purpose to get the Clients to know how to operate the LED screen system, how to deal with general problems. And how to install hardware and

※  Software Installation
※  LED Screen Daily Maintenance
※  Software Problem Treatment
※  Hardware Problem Treatment


No. Item First Phase Second Phase
1 Content PC Basic Knowledge
Windows Operation
LED Screen Working Principle
Software Operation
Safety & others
Software Installation
Daily Maintenance
General Problems Treatment
Software Problem Treatment
2 Purpose Able to operate Software
Know how to deal with general problems
Able to prepare display resources
Daily Maintenance
Problem Treatment
3 Time The First Week of Each Month Monday, Wednesday, Friday Installation Time
4 Place Workshop Onsite
5 Training Material Software Manuel
Operation Instruction
LED Screen Manuel
Installation Practice
6 Training People Basic Knowledge The Trainee.

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